Standards at North Durham Academy are extremely high and this starts with the way your child presents themselves to school. Academy uniform is compulsory and exceptions cannot be made if your child attends school not dressed in full Academy uniform.

Personal Appearance

We are always conscious of health and safety risks both to the owner and others in the wearing of jewellery. The only jewellery allowed is a wrist watch. Piercings, facial or bodily, are not allowed due to health and safety considerations.

Jewellery is not permitted for health and safety reasons. New piercings will not be accepted as an excuse and immediate removal will be expected.

False nails are not permitted as the effectiveness of hand washing and sanitisation is compromised. Painted nails are also not allowed and students will be told to remove nail polish. If it is gel or acrylic polish, student will be given 24 hours to comply before a sanction is imposed.

Make-up, if worn at all, should be discreetly used and not be excessive. Children will be expected to remove it if we deem it excessive.

Hair styles should be practical, clean and suitable for a working environment. In this Academy, hairstyles representing various cults e.g. punk, Mohican, hair shaved in bands, stripes, initials or dyed in unnatural colours are unacceptable. Eyebrows shaved in stripes are also unacceptable.

There is scope within the policy to consider requests to vary the uniform policy in the following circumstances:

  • to meet the needs of any individual student to accommodate their religion or belief;
  • to meet the needs of an individual student because of temporary or permanent medical conditions.

Our Uniform policy can be found here

All Students

  • Grey blazer with academy logo; either fitted or regular;
  • Academy Tie: From September 2023 each year group will have their own colour tie. More information can be found in our uniform policy.
  • White shirt – short or long sleeved with collar;
  • Black Academy School skirt is the only approved skirt. Or students can wear Loose fitting trousers that skim the top of the shoe. No leggings. Trousers must have a button and zip fastening at the front of the trouser;
  • Black tights no less than 80 denier. Bare legs are not acceptable;
  • Black socks only;
  • Plain black belt that must fit into the belt loop of the trouser, if required.
  • All students are required to carry a bag with them that can fit an A4 folder and their equipment.

PE Kit

If you choose not to purchase the optional items from SWI (uniform supplier), you can purchase them from a supermarket or other store instead.  Please ensure the items are plain and do not have logos or stripes on them (Plain back shorts, skort, training pants, lycra leggings only (no cotton leggings) shorts, socks and round neck plain black tracksuit top.

If your child studies or is going to study dance from September, you may purchase some optional dance clothing from Kits4all – please see link to their website.

Trousers and Skirts

Please note that chain stores may sell items as school uniform, which are not acceptable at North Durham Academy. We DO NOT ALLOW tight or stretchy leggings, jeans or trousers which look like them.

Black Academy School Skirt – This must be purchased from The School Outfit website.


All shoes should be polishable – leather or mock leather. No canvas/cloth/suede/rubber shoes are permitted.

Branded black pumps are not allowed – no buckles, logos, or colours except plain black.

Boots are also not allowed.

In order to clarify our expectations, please see below examples of suitable footwear.

Uniform Suppliers

You can order all your child’s Academy uniform (except the Academy skirt) direct with SWI by going to their website https://www.swischoolwear.co.uk and the Parent Guide.

Please see the guide on how to access the website find an updated price list for 2022 here.

For guidance on sizing – click here – and open the tab labelled ‘Sizing’.

New customers will be asked to register and follow the online instructions to link their account to a chosen school. Once registered (and you have added students to a school) parents can begin to order straight away. Once logged in, parents will need to click on ‘School Store’ in the header of the site. This page will list all of the products associated with the Academy.

Using the online service, you can either choose to have delivery made to your home address or alternatively to the Academy.

Home Delivery Charges – SWI

• Orders over £70 are sent to home free of charge;

• Orders under £70 sent to a home address (or other specified) incur a £4.50 delivery charge.

Delivery to the Academy –

Order placed by 5pm Thursday

Delivery to the Academy Monday

Collection from Student Services Tuesday

SWI Returns

SWI offer a 30 day returns policy. Full terms and conditions can be found on their website.

SWI Helpdesk

SWI has a dedicated Web Helpdesk. If you are having difficulty with your online account or logging in then please contact the Team on 01928 752610.

Please see FAQs page at http://www.swischoolwear.co.uk/help

Letters to Parents

Academy Skirt Letter to Parents 04/05/2022

Uniform Policy Changes Letter to Parents 26/05/2022