Revision & Intervention

Intervention is an extra support provided to students outside of the regular classroom setting, in order to assist them to attain their full potential.

As part of our on-going commitment to raising student attainment, we are continuing to offer the opportunity for Year 11 students to attend extra learning sessions, for a selection of subjects, using a variety of methods, including: 1:1 tuition in Maths and English; small group targeted after school intervention Evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation indicates that, on average, students make two additional months’ progress per year from extended school sessions and in particular through the targeted use of after school programmes.

1:1 Tuition in English and Maths

We have employed a team of English and Maths tutors to deliver intensive individual or small group support, in addition to their timetabled English and Maths lessons. This is to aid the life chances and opportunities for students, in the next steps of their education, through attaining the grades they need in these crucial subjects. We regularly monitor and evaluate the attainment of students and where necessary they may be selected for this intervention for a specific period of time. This is reviewed continually and throughout the year a wide range of students will be given the opportunity to access this support.

Remote Revision Sessions

As an Academy, we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to access and deepen their knowledge and skills. To support this ethos, we offer revision sessions to our Year 11 students on Tuesday to Friday afternoons from 3pm. These sessions are delivered by a subject specialist and focus on specific areas of development that a student may have.

A series of documents have been created to help Resilience and Independence in Learning at NDA.

Making Revision Work for You: Hints and tips to support subject learning

Promoting Student Wellbeing During Revision

Revision Technique Booklet