Safeguarding our Students

At North Durham Academy safeguarding is paramount.

We endeavour to create and maintain a caring ethos where all children and adults feel safe, secure and valued.

We aim to work in partnership with you as parents/carers through transparency and honesty to ensure your child achieves their full potential and makes positive choices. In doing so we will promote and protect the safety and physical, emotional, social and mental health of all.

We work closely with Durham County Council & the procedures that we follow have been set by the Local Safeguarding Children Board of Durham. North Durham Academy’s Child Protection Policy has been adopted in line with this. Please see our policies page for copies of our Safeguarding Policy and DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education Policy.

The Designated Safeguarding LeadMr M Grayt: 01207 292180
The Designated Safeguarding Lead/Head of Student SupportMrs D Meneart: 01207 292180
The Designated Safeguarding Lead. Head of Behaviour SupportMr S Murrayt: 01207 292180

Other members of the Safeguarding team include:

Mrs A RaysonStudent Counsellor and Mental Health Leadt: 01207 292180

Anti Bullying Strategy

As part of our anti-bullying strategy, we have recently installed a new reporting system for all of our students.

What are the benefits?

• Students can report any issues, in confidence, to a member of staff who will then follow it up

• Staff will be aware if an issue arises and act upon this information quickly

• Students can feel confident that they can report an issue without being seen speaking to a staff member

• Parents can also use this system if they are concerned and wish to speak to a member of staff in confidence

How will it work?

If you click on link provided it will take you to our reporting form

Questions are provided to prompt you to be able to write down all the required information. This email will then go to a designated staff member who will follow it up and take any necessary action.

All cases of peer-on-peer abuse and sexual harassment are serious. These will NOT be tolerated at North Durham Academy, whether the harassment or abuse is physical, emotional/psychological or has taken place online.

Students can report this information to any staff they feel comfortable in doing so. Any allegations of peer-on-peer abuse or harmful sexual behaviour will be logged on CPOMS to inform the safeguarding team and dealt with immediately.

Parents/Carers of the victim and the perpetrator will be informed whilst a full investigation is conducted. If necessary, the allegation will be reported to the police and the Academy will support the investigation.

We recognise that the behaviours in question are harmful to both the perpetrator (who is a child) and the victim. The appropriate support will be offered to both families which may include referrals to outside agencies.

Further advice is available from:


• CEOPS Thinkuknow:

• Childline:

• – a childnet site

· Anti-Bullying Alliance:

• Sexual violence and harassment between children in schools and colleges

• UKCCIS sexting

• Preventing and tackling bullying

• Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges