Class of 2029

We are thrilled to welcome you as you prepare to transition from primary school to secondary school. This is an exciting time filled with new opportunities, challenges and adventures. To help you feel more at ease and ready for this next step, we’ve put together some important information and resources just for you. 

What to expect 

New Subjects and Teachers: At NDA, you’ll have the chance to explore a variety of subjects taught by specialised teachers. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover new interest and talents. 

New Friends: You’ll meet students from different primary schools and form new friendships. Our welcoming community ensures that everyone finds their place and feels included.  

Extra Curricular Activities: From sports teams to music clubs, drama groups and science clubs, there are countless activities to get involved in. These are great ways to pursue your passions and make new friends.  

Key Resources 

Transition Days: We will be hosting our transition days before you join us in September, this will give you a chance to tour the school, meet your teachers and make new friends! 

Tips for a smooth transition: 

  1. Stay Organised: Keep track of your timetable, homework and activities. Using your planner will help with this. 
  2. Ask for help: If you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask a teacher or fellow student. 
  3. Get Involved: Join clubs and activities to meet new people and enrich your school experience. 
  4. Stay Positive: Embrace this change as an exciting new chapter in your life! 

Important Contacts: 

Head of Year 7: Mrs K Hodge E:

Year Manager:  Mrs A Graham E:

Main Reception:  T: 01207 292180 E:

We can’t wait to see you thrive and grow during your time with us.

Welcome to North Durham Academy – let’s make it an unforgettable journey!