Remote Learning

North Durham Academy has a robust, whole-school blended learning offer that supports students who cannot access the Academy to learn in person.

All class materials, learning aids, resources and revision guides can be found online, where each student uses Microsoft Teams to keep track of their lessons, complete assignments and communicate with their peers and teachers. Students are given all of the support that they need, including training on how to use the software and the loan of school computers when necessary, so that they are given every chance to succeed. Learning in this way is also fantastic for student independence and resilience, as the focus is on them to succeed.

Usually blended learning is used to compliment normal classroom-based learning but during the COVID-19 pandemic there have been periods where the whole school has moved to a blended approach. Whilst we are working hard to prevent this from happening again, the Academy has measures in place to mitigate the impact as much as possible. All of our teachers are trained to teach remotely and every student who does not own a computer at home will be loaned resources. In addition, every classroom in the Academy has video conferencing equipment so that teachers may engage with individual students or even whole classes who have been asked to self-isolate. During any periods of school closure, the Academy will continue to teach exactly the same curriculum that would be taught in the classroom and students are expected to be in contact with the Academy throughout the normal school day. The Academy is prepared to begin remote teaching immediately, so students should expect online learning to commence the day after a school closure. Year Managers track and monitor attendance and participation in liaison with teachers to ensure that students are engaging and progressing. Whenever possible, the Academy will endeavour to keep our SEN provision open and to also allow children of key workers to attend in person.

During normal academy opening, blended learning will continue to be used to support classroom learning, coursework, revision and homework.

Please see guides that cover how to access Teams and Parents Guide to Learning from Home. If students or their families have any questions about blended learning, what the school can offer, or the expectations we place on our students, they are encouraged to contact Jack Elliott, Blended Learning Manager, on or by calling 01207 291197.