Safeguarding Update December 2017

We have received information from Durham Police that they have become aware of a national issue where indecent images and videos are being passed between children. School age children should be made aware that forwarding any such images, sometimes known as “teenage porn”, is actually committing a serious criminal offence with potentially long-term consequences.

The Home office have produced guidance, which can be accessed at, which explains the law.  We would recommend that all parents/carers read this guidance and discuss the content with their children.

As we are nearing Christmas time when electronic devices are a popular gift choice we would advise parents to ensure that the relevant security controls are in place and that parents check regularly what content their children are accessing/sending.

We have also seen an increase in ‘fake’ student profiles being set up on sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat etc.  We have been asked by Durham Police to issue the following advice to all of our parents/carers and students.  “The Academy and Police have been informed that fake Instagram accounts have been made using students photos/names.  It is a criminal offence to then use these accounts to send malicious comments.  The Police are able to trace these accounts whereby the person would be arrested and interviewed under caution, possibly resulting in a criminal record.”

Further advice and information can be found at