Uniform Policy

At North Durham Academy we are keen to ensure that all students reach their potential and maximise their progress. I am a firm believer that when students adhere to our most basic expectations, other aspects of school life can be addressed much more easily thereafter. Our definition of basic expectations includes; arriving at the Academy fully equipped to learn (including PE kit), looking smart in full uniform and being punctual at all times of the day. Unfortunately, there are a small minority of students who persistently fail to meet these most basic expectations. 

To address this issue, as of Tuesday 5th September 2017, we will be issuing a 30-minute after school detention to students (on the same day) who fail to meet these basic expectations. This is in accordance with the guidance issued to all schools by the Department for Education.  Whilst we are not obliged to obtain parental consent to issue these detentions, we will provide notification via our text service. Should students fail to attend these detentions, they will be placed on the Director of School Detention, which runs on a Friday evening. For the purpose of clarity, any students who arrive at the Academy anytime after 8:30am will be deemed late.

On another note, there will be a small amendment to our uniform expectations from September around student footwear. These changes are particularly important as the uniform represents our corporate identity and I’m sure as parents you take pride in that identity. This is something frequently commented upon by the local community.  The new expectation will be that students wear black, unbranded leather shoes. No plimsoll, trainers or canvas shoes will be permitted.

Whilst I appreciate that the content of this letter will not impact on the vast majority of our students and their parents/carers, it is important that the Academy provide clarification around these important changes.

Below is visual guidance of our uniform from September. Please also note that in the case of PE, those students who were part of the Academy’s Elite Group, they must wear the standard PE kit for their PE lessons.

Footwear - Students must wear plain black school shoes (not trainer-style shoes, boots or plimsolls.) Please note that “Vans” or “Converse” branded shoes are not acceptable. Shoes should have no visible markings or brandings. In order to clarify our expectations, below are examples of acceptable footwear. 

shoes1shoes 2      Shoes 3  Shoes 4


Trousers and Skirts - Please note that chain stores may sell items as school uniform, which are not acceptable at North Durham Academy.  We DO NOT ALLOW tight or stretchy skirts, leggings, jeans or trousers which look like them.  Below are examples of acceptable trousers and skirts.

Shoes 5


Black formal style trousers - straight leg or bootcut style only.

Trousers must be full length and the hem should rest on the top of the shoes.



shoes 6


Skirts should be made out the same material as school trousers, no woollen or lycra.  The length must be either on or below the knee.