Tip Top Tapas

In July, Year 10 students and staff prepared a banquet of amazing tapas for the first ever joint Spanish Tapas/Big Quiz event.

Families and friends of Year 10 students came into the Academy to taste tapas ranging from Andalusian Chicken, tortilla omelette, olive bread, jamón serrano and peach nibbles and fruta macedonia (fruit salad) in this Parental Engagement event. 

The ten budding cocineros de tapas (Tapas cooks) worked with Mrs Green and Mrs Pallas-Gill from Food Technology all day long to produce some brilliantly creative and tasty tapas treats.

Achievement Leader of Year 10, Mr Lee, praised the event as ‘a brilliant event for the students, families and staff’ as a few tunes from Spain’s Top 40 blasted out in the background. 

To end the event, Mr Arabacioglu from the MFL department, delivered a quiz based upon Spain and the Spanish speaking world. 

Who knew that Shakira is married to Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué?

Who knew that the population of Spain is lower that Great Britain’s by over 20 million or that the name ‘paloma’ means ‘dove’ or ‘peace’? 

Roll on to the next event!   ¡¡¡Gracias y adiós!!!  

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